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Beagle Home Security System

BeagleBoard Home Security System. A control system to monitor sensors and cameras within a residence for house/industrial protection.

The Beagle HSS integrates the various components of a security system (sensors, cameras, lcd-keypad/touchscreen, wireless connectivity) to monitor a residential area. An installation of Ångström or QNX Neutrino allows fine-tuned control over the whole sensor/camera system. Touchscreen interface can allow owner to choose various settings such as sensor polling times (if enabled vs interrupt based), status of guarded sections plus a plethora of other options. In the event of a breach the owner has the option of being notified by SMS or a call to the appropriate authorities. Because of the processing power of the OMAP 3530 video processing could be done in real-time and offloaded to a server for archival purposes.


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