Beagle Board -

Internet Controlled Security System & Live Video Streaming

Use Beagle to record and stream video on Internet. Such system can be used in Banks,ATM,Safety Vaults or any other remote place where surveillance is needed.

In this project Beagle board will act as web server. Also USB camera, USB Mass storage device, LCD Display & switches will be attached to the Beagle board. Camera will have some mechanical assembly by which direction of camera can be changed at any time. User can do remote login to web server and watch live video in web browser also user can watch or download pre-recorded video. Also user can change direction of the camera. One of the advantage of Beagle board is that using DSP, quality of the video can be controlled so that Bandwidth required for memory(Mass Storage device) and internet can be optimized in run time.Also recording can be scheduled by configuring date,time and duration so that it can be used in standalone mode when internet connectivity is absent or poor. Also user can control the alarms remotely or by image processing fire,smoke detection automated alarms can be operated.Local user can watch live video on LCD monitor. Through switches local user can control system locally.


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