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Bone Tagzzz

Bone Tagzzz is an RFID cape for beagle bone black with Bluetooth Low Energy support for use as a smart, connected RFID sensor.

Bone Tagzzz is a cape for BeagleBone Black that supports reading several popular passive 125 khz RFID tags, with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy for use as a peripheral RFID sensor. The cape is built using IBTechnology's RWD-QT RFID module, and BlueGigga's BLE112 (currently as a "BLEBee" module by Dr. M. Kroll). 

The schematics for the current prototype can be obtained using the contact page on the website. It currently exists only as a stand-alone cape, but will be enhanced during PCB design to support stacking and a selected EEPROM address. 


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