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Inti Media for Beaglebone - an expansion board for Beaglebone

We have now started a new project, an expansion board for Beaglebone and would like to hear your opinion.

Inti Media for Beaglebone.

Proposed functionalities and properties:

  • high resolution LCD display with touch screen enabling to work with graphical user interface of the OS
  • size of the display 4-7 inch - TBD
  • Additional features available as standard or as optional add-ons will include:
    • GPS, Gyro, Compass, accelerometer
    • Speakers
    • HDMI
  • Multiple USB
  • user controlled LEDs and switches
  • footprint of approximately 5-7 inch LCD display

We would really like to hear your opinion. Please send your suggestions to or visit our website and complete a short poll at:

Schematics will be released under GPL once the design is completed.


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