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OSkit port To Beagle Board.

My project proposal is to port the OS kit software to the Beagle Board. The OS Kit is a series of component libraries that makes creating new operating systems and research on those systems much easier.

Porting the OS kit will take quite some time. I am currently estimating at least 6 months for the project. This will be a very difficult and rewarding project for me. I will be learning so many new things . I have always loved the study of operating systems and the languages that go with them. The OS Kit would allow me to continue those studies in a very different system. I can test this set of tools out with a software OMAP emulator (QEMU) to get started. The basic outline for the port will be: 1. Build my cross compiling environment so that I can start working on the OS kit libraries. This should take about 2 weeks to get all set up. This would be faster had I a Beagle Board to work with. 1. Adapt the multiboot functionality to the OMAP/XLoader. I will borrow heavily upon the knowledge stored in the Linux port to ARM. 2. Kernel Support Library -- This component will take the longest since it is the most platform dependent. I am also sure that this will grow as the other components are worked on. 3. Memory Management Library -- This will be another tough component as I will be using the memory management functions available in the ARM processor. 4. Minimal C Library -- This should be an easier module to port and should be quite straight forward. 5. Debugging Support -- This will be another interesting module in that I have never dealt with the deep implementation details of a debugger. 6. Device Driver Support -- Should be able to borrow information from the Linux port to this platform. 7. Protocol Stacks -- I could finally be implementing something that might give me networking. 8. File Systems -- This will give a way to experiment a bit with different ideas that I have. When all is said and done I am hoping that more people can use what I have ported to support their next project on the Beagle Board.


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