Beagle Board -


The target of this project is to devellop an cheap POS (Point of sale) system. Using the beagleboard to manage all the Hardware.

The aim of this project is build cheaper and portable POS System. First Step : Building the POS system Hardware - Using Beagle Board with touchScreen interface, barcode reader and the box for the money. Second Step : Install Ubuntu on Beagle Board and all hardware running like a charme. The system should use webserver interface for Mysql Server / and Apache. Third step : Install the POS Software already made (I already did... Home made) and everything running and communication with Apache and Mysql Server. Fourth: Possibility running on Battery with autonomy for 10 hours. And set Wireless connectivity- for Portable version. Fifth : Make the Master system accept connections from other POS stations to interact with the Mysql Tables in the main server - Multi Station POS System.


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