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T-bone motion control cape

T-Bone is an opensource project for 3D printers and similar applications. Easy and powerful control for stepper motors and other related actuators.

T-Bone is a BeagleBone cape for motion control applications . It provides several hard- and software layers to create more powerful applications with less development effort. Easy expandable by additional capes for more axis, extruders, other actuators and sensors.

The T-Bone is using an UART port as interface to the BeagleBone. No need to access the PRU for real-time operations. On the T-Bone a Arduino-based controller is used to send, receive and buffer commands from the BeagleBone. Real-time motion control operations are done by dedicated motion control units.

Basic features:

  • 5 stepper motor driver
  • 6 inputs for end switches
  • 3 inputs for incremental encoders (3 axis supporting closed loop control)
  • 3 inputs for thermistors
  • 1-wire interface for digital tempsensors
  • 2 high power outputs (for extruder and heatbed)
  • 2 mid power output (for fans, LEDs, …)
  • Power supply for the BeagleBone (3.3V and 5V)
  • Open source hard and software




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