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TCF agent port

Provide support for remote launching, monitoring and debugging of Beagle Board applications using the Eclipse IDE

The aim of this project is to port the reference implementation of the TCF target agent to run on Beagle Board/Ångström. TCF (Target Communication Framework) is a framework and a protocol for communicating with software running on embedded devices. It is used and developed as a part of the Eclipse DSDP(Device Software Development Platform). The target agent runs on an embedded device (BB) and provides/advertises services to the Eclipse IDE (or any other app that implements the protocol). Some of the services provided in the reference implementation include: process launching/run control, file system access, debugging/breakpoints and memory/register access More information about the TFC framework can be found at the TCF project homepage: The reference implementation of the TCF target agent currently supports only the x86 processor family. The aim of this project is to add support for ARM to enable using the remote debugging features with BB. Remote debugging combined with remote upload and launching of processes should greatly reduce the edit->build->debug cycle of BB application developers. The project aims to deliver: ARM support for the TCF debugger. support for building and deploying the agent for/to Ångström/BitBake and submit patches to the upstream TCF project


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