Beagle Board -

The Deckle

The wooden sound boards for experimental music making by hand drawing.

A deckle is a wooden frame for making paper. It imposes its rigid geometry on the paper makerís slurry of pulp. We like the word - it sounds percussive, and the object it refers to functions to make squares from pulp, a medium of information from flux. Yes, a stretch, but the word evokes the digital side of our work. The Deckle Group is an ensemble that designs, builds and performs on electroacoustic drawing boards. To map drawing gestures to synthesis parameters, the boards are augmented with Satellite CCRMA Beagle Boards and Arduinos. Piezo microphones are used in conjunction with sensors to produce sound coupled closely to mark- making gestures. Position tracking is achieved with infra red object tracking, conductive fabric and a magnetometer.


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