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TiroKart - Total Immersion Remotely Operated Go-Kart

The goal of this research project is to develop technology that allows vehicles to be remotely operated at high speeds while providing an immersive interface to the operator.

Is it possible to race vehicles by remote control? This project intends to prove that it is. There are two major parts to this - the remotely operated go-kart and the immersive remote control system. Using an HMD, 3D cameras, stereo audio, head tracking, steering wheel and pedals the aim is provide the "plugged-in" feeling needed to race a vehicle. Telemetry on the go-kart will include IMU data, lidar data and rear view mirror cameras to allow a detailed "virtual dashboard" to be provided to the operator including a real-time track map. Beagleboards will be used as part of the onboard processing system.


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