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MUSB gadget support in u-boot for Beagle

Add support for USB gadget in u-boot, so usb serial or other usb classes of u-boot can be used. This enables the use of beagleboard u-boot without need for a serial port, and future USB firmware downloads

U-boot supports usb serial console that enables to use it without need of serial cable. Since serial cable is an add-on for beagleboard, having this support available reduces the need for more cables and hardware. This also serves as the base to add DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) support that provides fast firmware download to the board without need of ethernet or MMC.


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Projected created on: Fri Jan 09 2009 20:59:38 GMT-0000 (UTC)
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Last updated on: Tue Mar 25 2014 14:43:34 GMT-0000 (UTC)