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Beagle Android Remote Display

Android based remote display for BeagleBone over USB interface.

Abstract: "One cable to rule them all”. I intend to build a system where all the basic peripherals - keyboard, mouse and display, can be connected to BeagleBone by attaching it with a USB cable to Android phone. This will be implemented as a kernel module and an ready to use out-of-box app for Android. This module shall have a greater reach and also serve as seed for extending to other systems - Windows, iOS, Ubuntu phones etc.


Tools: All these details can be found at


Codebase: Available on github with seperate repositories for Kernel driver and Android application. 

Kernel driver code:

Android app code:


Progress tracking: Through weekly reports posted on!topic/beagleboard-gsoc/FvT9XR3P5Ow


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