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Data Concentrator Reference Design

Texas Instruments (TI) Data Concentrator Cape reference design for BeagleBone Black



This design provides new connectivity options for developers working with the BeagleBone Black platform. It allows developers to work with TI’s Power Line Communications (PLC) and Radio Frequency modules to easily and quickly develop host applications for smart grid networks. Developers can easily build their own Cape for the BeagleBone Black and start working with TI’s G3-PLC, 6LowPAN, PRIME, Wireless M-BUS, or ZigBee® solutions.


  • Direct interface to BeagleBone Black development platform
  • Direct interface to TI’s PLC System on Modules for PRIME,  G3-PLC, and IEEE-1901.2
  • Direct interface to TI’s RF solutions for 6LoWPAN, ZigBee, Wireless M-BUS add-on hardware
  • Three-phase power line coupling for PLC communications


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