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meta-beagleboard fork

BSP fork with custom kernel and other mods for BBB

Fork of meta-beagleboard updated with a simplified kernel/u-boot config, working HDMI console, and a few more tweaks to support building against poky/meta-openembedded master branches, as well as integration with meta-alt-desktop-extras (for a lightweight xorg desktop environment).  Status is "demo" since full integration is not yet complete (and meta-oe is an ongoing thing).  Current images are fully buildable with the standard Yocto build environment.  Tested on BBB with microSD; default u-boot config should work fine from eMMC as well.  Small footprint, package management, latest patched 3.8 kernel from

Registrar: stephen.arnold42

Tags: distro;bbblack;bbone;
Projected created on: Thu Apr 17 2014 17:37:54 GMT-0000 (UTC)
Submitted by: stephen.arnold42
Last updated on: Thu Apr 17 2014 17:44:29 GMT-0000 (UTC)