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TI Embedded Speech Recognizer

Fixed-point speech recognizer written in C++ and C with demos on ARM processors.

The TI Embedded Speech Recognizer (TIesr) is a fixed-point recognizer written in C++ and C. It is designed to balance resource usage, robustness to environment, and performance. It has a simple easy-to-use interface. This makes it an excellent recognizer for developing a wide variety of voice-enabled embedded applications. TIesr is a medium-sized phonetic-based recognizer that can accommodate a vocabulary of up to several hundred words. The words and phrases to be recognized can be dynamically changed by an application. The TIesr project release currently comes with general English language support, and tools to develop the support for other languages. TIesr has been tested on Linux OS platforms, including the Beagle Board and several OMAP EVM boards (35x, L138, Zoom) as well as platforms running Windows and Windows Mobile.


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